My Two Cents on the Ground Zero Mosque

I don’t have too much to say about the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, only that I think it’s horribly ironic.

On the very site where religious fanatics slaughtered thousands of Americans in accordance with their warped teachings, a mosque is being built.

Before I start getting hateful mail, let me clarify: Yes, I am aware that not all Muslims are terrorists and yes, I realize that peaceful, moderate Muslims are wanting the mosque constructed at the site. It should also be noted that I support their right to freely practice their religion. If they have the money and authorization to build the mosque then by all means, they can build it.

However, I have personal “reservations.” In my opinion, Islam is one of the most bloodthirsty, cultic and fanatical religions in the world. Not only does their holy book tell them to murder infidels, but it makes the goal of Islam to conquer the world.

Look to Islamic societies: Women are seen as inferior, weak, stupid, child-bearing objects. In some Muslim cultures, pre-pubescent girls have their clitoris violently removed in barbaric rituals. People of other religions, particularly of the Jewish and Christian variety, are seen as vermin that must be exterminated. Gays are killed or imprisoned for life for being gay.

At its worst, Islam is a dangerous cult that is responsible for the deaths of countless numbers. Holy wars, regional conflicts, societal extremes…this is what Islam is in its purest form.

American Muslims have every right to practice their religion (without the Klingon-esque barbarism) here in the United States. They have the right to build mosques. However, just because they have the right to do something doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right thing to do. I wonder how the 3,000 Americans who lost their lives on September 11 to extremism would feel about this.

3 thoughts on “My Two Cents on the Ground Zero Mosque

  1. You have to remember that much of what you say about the Muslim faith can also be attributed to Christianity. Are extremists are not nearly as active as they used to be, but they are still there. Also, the proposed center is not on the sight, albeit very close. The freedom for them to build is what are country is based on. Also among the 3,000 deaths that day several were Muslims who had no part in the dispicable and evil act that took place. The frredom for them to build this center is what are country is built upon. Now, I will say that after all the horrible reactions that people have had to the propsposed center/mosque, I also worry that it is not a good idea. Mainly because, I think someone fiercely against it might perform their own evil act. Wouldn’t that be sadly, ironic.

    • Christianity most definitely has a bloodthirsty streak – no denying that. I agree, they have the freedom to construct the center…which is actually not on the site itself oops 😛 But, personally, I feel it’s ironic (FYI: Anyone who uses violence as a way to protest are just as bad as the terrorists)

    • Just a thought: When Jewish groups complained about a Carmelite convent, which opened near the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Pope John Paul II ordered the nuns to vacate the area.

      It’s not a perfect comparison, but I think it’s an interesting perspective. Nuns weren’t involved in the Holocaust – and many nuns helped protect Jews during that period – but because of the sensitivities of placing Christian/Catholic facilities by a Jewish site, the nuns left.

      It seems to me that if the main point of the Islamic cultural centre is to foster understanding, this group has already failed – especially since they’ve rejected Governor Paterson’s offer to construct the structure on State land elsewhere (which it seems to me is a violation of separation between Church and State but there you go).

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