It’s Almost Here!

It’s already here: I’ll be leaving to Sacramento this Friday.

Time has gone by so fast. I still cannot believe that two years ago, I was a freshman at the local community college. Now, on Friday, I’ll be transferring to California State University Sacramento for a degree in Government Journalism.

I’ve already made some great friends and I am eager to make more. This new experience, this new chapter in my life…I’m ready and anxious for it.

Here’s to new beginnings and new friends.

One thought on “It’s Almost Here!

  1. Yes, two years ago, I remember that. I also remember 15 years ago as you headed off to kindergarten to begin a new chapter. I was so excited for you to learn new things and have new life experiences back then, but how I looked forward to watching you jump off that bus and onto the driveway each afternoon.

    I’m excited for you in this new chapter as well – any chance you might want to commute daily to Sacramento? No? Never forget and discard what we have taught and instilled in you. New
    chapter, yes, but the same precious book. As the new pages are written, recognize the effect and the impact your decisions have not just for you, but for others.

    Make us proud, son. We love you!

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