BREAKING: Audience At GOP Debate Full Of Ignorant D***s

At the most recent GOP debate over who is more regressive and backwards, Rick Santorum won major brownie points with a group of people who think that gay soldiers only join the military to have sex in barracks.

Gay solider Stephen Hill asked Rick Santorum, via video, whether he would re-institute “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” For those who have been living under a rock and aren’t aware, this is the discriminatory policy that discharged several thousand soldiers from the military simply because they were gay. Aside from the fact that Rick Santorum seems to know nothing about why gays and lesbians join the military (hint: it’s not for the sex), what was most revolting was the audience’s reaction.

Once the video question ended, boos could be heard across the auditorium. So naturally, Santorum fed on the ignorance and preached about how the military shouldn’t be subject to a “social experiment.” The audience couldn’t get enough and gave Santorum wild applause.

Watch the video clip here

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