Madonna’s 2003 Anti-War Music Video…Now More Relevant Than Ever

To celebrate the decision to finally bring US troops home from Iraq, here’s a controversial video by, who else, Madonna. Back in 2003, Madonna decided to pull this version (the original) and instead make a more “gentle” version due to the beginning of the War in Iraq.

Madonna had this to say in an interview with Matt Lauer in 2003:

I filmed it in January and by the time the video was finished, we were at war. And, many of the things that I, sort of, was trying to depict or warn people about were already happening in the world. But, with everything that’s going on right now and the soldiers being killed and wounded and the destruction that’s taking place, I just don’t think it’s appropriate… America’s in a really volatile place right now and there’s a lot of really confused people and I’m not interested in being a target for a lynch mob mentality.

This controversial original is disturbing, explicit, relevant and brilliant. Watch:

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