My Two Cents on the Limbaugh-Contraception Controversy

When I first heard that Rush Limbaugh had made insulting, sexist comments about a woman last week on his radio show, I thought, “What else is new?” He’s been hurling insults and dragging political discourse to new lows since the 1990s. It’s what he’s good at…in a sick, twisted omg-shut-the-f***-up-already kind of way. I had no plans to write a blog post on his latest idiotic rant.

That was a few days ago.

Limbaugh’s target was Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student who testified before Congressional Democrats, advocating for the government’s new mandate that all employers – religious or not – provide health insurance plans that cover oral contraceptives.

President Obama has since said that religious organizations will be exempt from the mandate. The Republican reaction: All employers should be exempt if they so choose. Oh, and just so you know, Viagra is covered by health insurance, and the middle-to-elderly-aged Republican members of Congress don’t seem to have a problem with that.

Rush went on a tirade, calling Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” and even said that she should post sex tapes online for the taxpayer since they’d be footing the bill. He was outraged that the more sex she and other “feminazis (Rush’s word for feminists)” would be having, the more birth control pills they would need, which would translate to more money from the taxpayer to fund the sex lives of American women.

That sound……..that’s your brain exploding.

First of all, the whole “I’m not paying for your birth control” crap is false. The mandate is for PRIVATE insurance companies. PRIVATE… in “not public.”

Technicalities and insulting ignorance aside, Rush doesn’t know how birth control works. The birth control pill is prescribed. It is taken once a day. You could have sex once. You could have sex 20 times. It doesn’t matter. It’s always one pill a day. Most women use birth control to alleviate their monthly cycle and the unpleasant side effects that come with it. There are many other uses for the birth control pill, only one being pregnancy avoidance.

Since this whole fiasco started, over 30 advertisers have pulled their advertisements from The Rush Limbaugh Show and website. Three days after Limbaugh first began insulting Fluke and American women in general, he issued a half-assed apology designed to salvage what advertisers he had left. Even after the “apology,” advertisers continued to leave…and are continuing to do so.

My two cents: I hope Limbaugh’s show becomes so unpopular that he has to cancel it. The hate and bigotry that he has long spewed out is toxic to the country. Nowadays, if a Republican wants to be elected, he has to cater to the likes of Limbaugh. Millions of people tune into his radio show, millions of people who vote the way he tells them to. It’s time for him to retire and the hateful ignorance to end.

Stand With Sandra Fluke

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