The Ultimate American Ideal

“The independence of America, considered merely as a separation from England, would have been a matter but of little importance, had it not been accompanied by a revolution in the principles and practice of governments. She made a stand, not for herself only, but for the world, and looked beyond the advantages herself could receive.”

– Thomas Paine

All  are equal…that is the ultimate human ideal.

Liberty Enlightening The World (Lady Liberty’s original, brilliant name). She will be 126 years old on October 28th.

Happy 236th Birthday, America. We may be hypocritical at times and we may get some important things horribly wrong, but by and large, we are the greatest nation on Earth. What we don’t get quite right, we eventually make right. We may not always learn from our mistakes, but we become stronger with every challenge or adversity. We cherish our lives, liberty and pursuit of what ever happiness we want for ourselves. We die to protect our equality.

I love my country and am optimistic about her future, no matter what challenging times we face. Our simple yet powerful constitution, with its promise of freedom and equality for all, our people, national spirit and pride are what make this incredible democratic republic work (which is why it is vitally important that every one who is able to votes). Here’s to another 236 years, and countless more! I hope you all had a great 4th of July. 🙂