Let’s Get One Thing Straight

I value my relationships. I have friends and family of all different political, philosophical and religious stripes. Through all the disagreement and dialogue, we still love and value each other at the end of the day. Life is too short and too valuable to get hung up on things like ideological differences. Why reject a friend or a potential friend because they’re not just like you? Why go through life like that?

I don’t understand why many people take criticism of their beliefs/views as “hateful.” Sure, there are asshats out there who insult an opposing view outright. I completely understand the outrage from that.

However, I don’t understand when someone takes polite criticism as completely negative. The person takes all of their detractors (including people they were supposedly on good terms with) and puts them into one boat and then tells ’em all to f*** off. Am I missing something here?

I’m the kind of person who dwells on things like this. I take  more than I should to heart and I know I shouldn’t. Life’s too short to get bogged down by people like that. I guess I’ll just have to be more careful.