My Two Cents: GOP In Desperate Need of Reinvention

Maybe the GOP needs to self-destruct and implode from its current craziness to rebuild itself.

After all, it is very telling of the party that Rick “Hates Gays” Santorum and Mitt “Soul-less” Romney are the top choices in the Iowa Caucus.

This is was the Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Ford, the Party of emancipation, conservation, infrastructure and equality. Now it’s the Party of candidates that deny evolution, climate change and civil rights to an entire group of people based on fundamentalist religion. Basically, the modern GOP rejects reality.

I wonder where the Republican Party will be in 10 years, after the Tea Party extremism and the homophobia and anti-intellectualism of the religious-right wing of the party have hopefully faded into distant, painful memories. How will the Party recover from such an amnesia of its roots? Only time, and votes, will tell…